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2 Early Warning Signs Your Home's Main Sewer Line Needs To Be Replaced

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When your home's main sewer line ruptures or becomes clogged, the problems caused will result in major problems as sewage leaks out into the surrounding soil and comes back up into your house through the drains. Because the sewer line is under the ground, you may believe that the only way you can tell that there are any issues is when the drains become clogged or you find huge puddles in your yard.

However, many times, there will be small indicators that can alert you to a potential problem. Below are a couple of early warning signs that there is a developing issue with your home's sewer line that needs to be checked out by a professional to see if it needs to be replaced before major problems occur.

1. You Start Hearing Gurgling Noises Whenever You Use the Drains in Your House

One early warning sign that should alert you to a potential issue with your home's main sewer line is when you start hearing gurgling noises whenever you use the drains in your home. While only one drain gurgling means a clog in one pipe, if every drain produces a sound, this is usually indicative of a cracked or clogged sewer pipe.

When you hear the gurgling, the greywater may be having difficulty pushing past a clog, or there may be a crack forcing air into the line. Either way, the sewer line may be in danger of clogging up completely or rupturing and may need to be replaced.

2. You Notice That the Water Level in the Toilet Changes Every Time You Flush

Another sign that there is a serious problem with the sewer line is when you notice that the water level in your home's toilet changes every time you flush. When the line is in good condition, the water pressure should keep the water level in the bowl fairly consistent.

However, if there is a problem with the line, the pressure will change, causing fluctuations in the water level. If you notice these inconsistencies, you should have a plumber examine the pipe to see if it is cracked and needs to be replaced.

Before your home's main sewer line becomes a serious issue, there are early warning signs that will alert you to problems such as leaks or clots. You may start hearing gurgling noises coming up from the drains, or you may find that the toilet's water level becomes inconsistent. Because these signs are a precursor to major problems, you should contact a plumber who offers sewer line replacement services to schedule a time for an inspection as soon as possible. 

For more information about sewer line replacement, contact a local company.