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Three Good Reasons To Have Your Leaky Faucet Fixed

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Unless it is right next to your bedroom or living room and you have to hear it dripping all the time, it's not that hard to ignore a leaky faucet. In fact, lots of homeowners do ignore their leaky faucets under the assumption that a few drops of water now and then are no big deal. That does not mean ignoring your leaky faucet is wise. You'd be better off having the leaky faucet replaced or repaired by a local plumber. Here's why.

Leaky faucets waste more water than you might think

It might seem like a few drops, but those few drops add up over time. A leaky faucet can actually waste gallons of water each day. This may drive up your water bill, but more importantly, it is not great for the planet. Clean water is a limited resource, and when you waste clean water, the water treatment facilities have to use more time and resources to produce more clean water. Repair the faucet, and you'll be doing your part to help conserve clean water.

Leaky faucets are more likely to spring a major leak

If your faucet has a small crack or a loose gasket that is leaking, it is more likely to break and start leaking more substantially later on. You don't want to come home to a major leak from your tap. Such a leak could cause major water damage resulting in the need for mold removal, electrical repairs, and maybe even some new walls and floors. It is a lot easier to fix a faucet with a little leak than it is to repair a whole room.

Leaky faucets leave mineral buildup

Most water contains some dissolved minerals. When your faucet drips, some of those minerals settle out of the solution. They may build up on the bottom of your sink, or even around the edges of the faucet. They are hard to remove, and sometimes, they interfere with the action of the faucet, leading to reduced water pressure. The sooner you have your faucet repaired, the less mineral buildup you will need to contend with.

While a leaky faucet is not a plumbing emergency, it is not a plumbing problem you want to ignore for more than a few days, either. Contact a plumbing company near you, such as Triangle Plumbing Service, and have them come take a look. They can tell you whether repairing or replacing your faucet is the better option.