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Bathroom Faucet Installation - Tips For Homeowners

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Something you may decide to do with your home's bathroom is upgrade to a new faucet. Manufacturers now make some attractive options, whether you're into stainless steel or copper. Installation for a new faucet will go according to plan if you take these steps.

Get the Right Supplies

Before you start a new faucet installation, ensure you get the right supplies so you can work uninterruptedly. One of the most critical items is a bowl to catch dripping water. If you place it underneath the sink in the right area, you'll have a clean faucet installation to enjoy. 

Also, consider getting a pillow. You'll be on your knees a lot to bend over underneath the sink in your bathroom, and a pillow gives you a more comfortable experience. Finally, get an under-the-sink faucet wrench. It's designed explicitly for faucet installations with little room to work. You can use it to avoid bumping into things and getting frustrated.

Remove the Old Faucet

Another thing required before you set up a new faucet is the removal of the old faucet. It shouldn't trouble you if you perform a couple of actions. First, you must shut off the water supply to the faucet you're removing so that water doesn't spill out onto the bathroom floors.

You can then disconnect the supply lines set up underneath the sink. The faucet wrench as mentioned above is handy for this step. Once you've disconnected and removed mounting hardware, you should be able to lift the old faucet out and prepare the area for a new one. 

Carefully Inspect the Gaskets

The gaskets are instrumental to your new faucet because they help you achieve a watertight seal. So that they do their job effectively for years, take your time inspecting them before setting them up on the new faucet in the bathroom.

Pay close attention to each gasket's structure, ensuring there aren't warped areas, missing sections, or cracks. The gaskets should be flawless so the new faucet installation goes smoothly, regardless of which model you get. You can then enjoy the same faucet without leaks causing you to worry or leading to significant water damage.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom cost-effectively, purchase a new faucet. There are a lot of excellent choices. Make sure that after you select an option, you approach installation correctly so that you don't have lingering issues to face in the future. 

For more information, contact a faucet installation professional near you.