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Decisions To Think About Before Having Plumbing Installed In Your New Home

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Having plumbing installed may not be one of the most exciting parts of having a new home built. But the decisions you make about the plumbing will have more of an impact on your home and the way you live in it than you might realize. With that in mind, here are a few decisions to make and discuss with your plumber before they start to install your plumbing.

What material will your pipes be made from? 

These days, there are three common materials that plumbers use in new homes. The first is copper. It's a tried and true, incredibly durable pipe material, but it has a high price tag. PVC is far more affordable, but it can sometimes become brittle with age, and it may melt in a house fire. The third option is PEX. This is a flexible, tube-like pipe material. It's quite affordable, and it is easier than PVC or copper for plumbers to install. Discuss these options with your plumber, get quotes for each option, and decide which one is the best fit.

Where will valves be located?

Every home has a main water valve, which you can open and close to control the flow of water into your home. Many homes have additional valves that control the flow into just some of your pipes. For example, one valve may control the flow of water into the kitchen. Another may control the flow into the bathroom. Ask your plumber where they plan to locate these valves and make sure those locations will be easy for you to access. You can even ask for additional valves to be added in key locations such as before the outdoor water spigot or before the laundry room.

Should you have extra pipes run for later use?

If you think you might later add another half bath, a second outdoor spigot, or some other water feature to your home, let the plumber know about this. It is usually easier for them to add the extra pipes for these projects when they are first installing the plumbing. They can then add fixtures and the like without having to open up walls or floors. 

Before the plumber starts installing pipes in your new home, talk to them about the decisions above. They can help you choose the right type of pipes, pick better spots for your valves, and run extra pipes for later projects.

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