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Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

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Plumbing issues can be a real challenge for homeowners, especially when you find yourself in an emergency situation with drains that are no longer flowing at all. Routine drain cleaning can help you stave off some of those issues by flushing out buildup before it becomes a blockage. However, it is also important to recognize some of the warning signs that your drains may clog so that you know when to call for an additional drain cleaning service to protect your drain flow.

Are Your Drains Running Slower?

Whether you're noticing it in just one fixture or in many, when your drains start to slow down, there's a reason. If the slow draining is isolated to one fixture, it could be a problem within the lines of that fixture itself, but that could easily progress and pass into the main drain lines as well. Your drain cleaning contractor can flush out the system and eliminate whatever may be interfering with adequate flow.

Are You Smelling Odors?

Persistent odors from your drains are another indication that you have a clog, a backup, or even just a blocked vent. This allows gasses to back up into your home instead of keeping the traps full as a barrier against that odor. Not only that, but anything that's blocking your drains could be creating bacteria which results in even more odor issues.

Are You Hearing Noises From Your Drains?

If you run the shower, can you hear gurgling or bubbling in your kitchen sink? If so, that's a serious cause for concern. This usually occurs when you have insufficient flow through the main drains and the water flowing down one drain is backing up and bubbling in the pipes flowing to the other drain. You need a drain cleaning contractor to address the issue.

Are You Noticing Fluctuations In Your Toilet Bowl?

Another common issue that results from drains that need clearing is fluctuation in the water level in your toilet bowl. This happens due to changes in water pressure in the drain lines as things seep past the blockage or the drain flow shifts. When the water level is changing in your toilet bowl, you need a drain cleaning contractor to help address the problems.

The more proactive you are about drain cleaning and recognizing the signs of trouble, the better your chances are of keeping your plumbing system flowing properly. Talk with a drain cleaning contractor near you today for more information.