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Handling Your Home's Plumbing Emergencies

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When plumbing emergencies occur, homeowners must act quickly to limit the risks to their properties and the disruptions to their households. Emergency plumbers provide the rapid response and expertise needed to handle these situations.

Overflowing Sinks

An overflowing sink is a common plumbing emergency. While it may not seem like a significant problem when one sink drains slowly, it can be an emergency if all of the sinks are clogged or draining slowly. Multiple sinks and toilets being unable to drain can be a common indication of sewer line problems. Continuing to use the plumbing can result in these sinks overflowing. An overflowing sink could easily cause extensive interior water damage to the house. If the problem is due to a clogged sewer line, an emergency plumber can use specialized tools to reach into the sewer line to break up the obstruction. Routine cleanings and inspections of the sewer line can help avoid this problem in the future.

Pipe Ruptures

A pipe rupturing in your home can be a nightmare scenario. This rupture could spill enough water into the house to cause widespread flooding. Promptly turning off the water supply can limit flooding. However, there may be enough water in the line to leak for several minutes after turning off the water supply. Freezing temperatures are the most common cause of pipe ruptures. Water freezing in the pipes can put enough pressure on them to cause a rupture. However, it is also possible for a line to fail due to corrosion or other damage. These issues may develop for years before they weaken the pipe enough to fail.

Water Heater Failures

A water heater failure may not put your home at immediate risk of damage. Yet, it can still be a significant issue to face. Without a source of hot water, you may find it challenging to shower or clean. Emergency plumbing contractors have the equipment and training to repair your water heater failure. Unfortunately, there can be instances where it may take a day or longer to fix the system. The need to order specialty replacement parts is a common reason for this delay.

Backflow From Sewer Lines

Sewer backflow is an urgent problem for your plumbing. When this issue occurs, sewage may mix with your home's drinking water. This contamination can pose an imminent health risk to your family. A faulty sewer pump can be the cause of this problem. Until this component is replaced, you should avoid using the home's water for anything. 

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