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4 Indicators That Your Drain System Needs Thorough Cleaning

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A well-functioning drain system ensures a steady flow of wastewater and/or rainwater to the septic tank or sewerage system. The system can last for years without issues but needs regular inspection and cleaning. It is advisable to clean the lines once annually. However, the system can be affected by many things, such as solid soaps and foreign objects flushed down the drains. Therefore, you may be forced to clean the drain line more often. Here are four indicators that you need plumbers to clean your drains. 

1. Awful Smells

A fresh scent should welcome you when you enter your house. However, if you are greeted by awful smells, especially from the sink and toilet, know that you have a serious drain problem. Probably, your drains are blocked. Or there is too much food, waste, and debris on the drain line, and they are being acted upon by bacteria, producing unpleasant smells. If you notice such smells, it is time to call plumbers to clean the line.

2. Water Won't Drain as Usual

After using the sink, bathtub, or flashing toilet, water should drain quickly. However, if the water drains slower than usual, your drain system has too much buildup or is partially blocked by foreign objects. To restore its functioning, you need a plumber to clean the system. Experts will use cabling or hydro jetting to clean the drain line so the water can flow as usual.

3. Frequent Blockage

Debris buildup on the drain pipes can cause blockage. In addition, foreign objects like hair, feminine hygienic products, rodents, and clothing can also partially or completely block the lines. So if your drain system has been having blockage issues more often, it needs thorough cleaning and inspection. When you hire a plumber drain cleaning service, they will clean the lines and inspect the entire system. If they identify any problem, they will notify you and fix it upon your request.

4. Wastewater Backup

Wastewater should not flow back to the sink, bathtub, or toilet. If that happens, know that your drain system obstructs the smooth water flow to the sewage system or septic tank. But note that other issues can also cause backflow. You should clean the drains, but if the problem persists, you can check the septic system.

Cleaning your drain system regularly is an important maintenance practice. It prevents foul smells, sewage backflows, and other drain-related problems. Remember to work with a licensed plumber for the job. They will leave the system clean and functioning efficiently.

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