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5 Modern Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades You Should Consider

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The bathroom not only provides a place to freshen up or wash away the day's stresses, but it also serves as a symbol of comfort and relaxation. Unfortunately, many bathrooms don't get enough love when it comes to plumbing upgrades. But with newer technologies and improved fixtures, there are now lots of great options available to modernize your bathroom and make it look more inviting and luxurious than ever before. Here are five modern bathroom plumbing upgrades you should consider.

1. High Tech Faucets

The traditional faucet has been around for ages, but now you can find faucets that come equipped with high-tech features such as touchless operation, high flow rates, and built-in water filtration systems. The latest faucet models also have a sleek, modern look that can bring your bathroom to life and make it more enjoyable for all who use it.

2. Luxury Shower Heads

If you're looking for an upgrade that will turn heads when guests enter your bathroom, then consider investing in one of the newer luxury showerheads currently on the market. These high-end fixtures are designed to provide a luxurious spa-like experience with features such as adjustable spray settings and LED lighting. Many come with a remote control so you can easily switch between different settings while standing in the shower or bathtub. For example, rain showers with multiple spray patterns and adjustable water pressure can be particularly luxurious.

3. Automatic Sensors

Automatic sensors are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms thanks to their convenience and energy-saving benefits. Motion sensors allow you to turn on faucets or lights with just a wave of your hand, while temperature sensors automatically adjust the water temperature to a comfortable level. These types of sensors can save you time and energy while making your bathroom more efficient.

4. Low Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets are an excellent choice if you are looking to reduce your water consumption but still want to enjoy a luxurious experience in the bathroom. These toilets use less water than traditional models and also come with features such as dual flush capabilities and eco-friendly filtration systems that help reduce wastewater and conserve resources. Opting for a low-flow toilet is cost-effective, saves money on utility bills, and helps protect the environment at the same time.

5. Bidet Installation

Bidet installation is becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms, as it provides a luxurious and hygienic experience. Bidets use a stream of water to clean the body after using the toilet, eliminating the need for toilet paper and reducing the amount of waste produced. Many models come with adjustable pressure settings, air drying capabilities, and even heated seats to keep you comfortable while using them.

Whether you choose one or all of these options, they will make your bathroom more enjoyable while also reducing water consumption and energy costs in the long run. Contact a plumber to invest in any one of these fixtures for a more luxurious experience in the bathroom. For more information on plumbing, contact a professional near you.