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5 Signs That You Need Well Repair

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A private well grants you control over your water quality and a self-sufficient water supply not monitored or reliant on the city. This independence means that you will be responsible for unexpected well repairs. However, the need for well repair isn't always obvious. To determine if you need well repair, search for these five signs of well damage. 

1. Low Water Pressure

A noticeable decline in pressure indicates a leak somewhere along the supply line. Alternatively, you may have a damaged well pump or a leaking well. Whatever the cause, the problem will only continue to get worse over time. It can also make it difficult to shower and clean your dishes, as you may find soap scum left behind.

2. Foul Odors/Discoloration

Your well should produce clean water. Very dirty well water usually means that the well pump is pulling water from too deep, contaminating the water supply. However, it's also important to remember that water contains minerals, such as magnesium. High magnesium levels can create a metallic odor and taste. These minerals are harmless. However, you may want to install a water softener if you prefer the taste of water without high mineral concentrations. 

3. Perpetually Running Well Pump 

Your well pump runs on electricity. A sensor indicates when the well pump needs to pull water to refill the storage tank. If the sensor breaks, the pump may keep running. The well pump's additional energy use will reflect on your water bill and energy bill. The water may also cause damage to your yard or your home if it overflows the storage tank.

4. Sputtering Faucets

If you hear a sputter and get an unruly burst of water when you turn on the faucet, you have air somewhere in your water lines. This can happen due to a dry well pulling air instead of water. Backflow from other parts of your plumbing system may also be to blame. The presence of the oxygen in the air can cause advanced corrosion of water pipes if left untreated.

5. Loud Noises 

Wells only make minimal noise. Loud banging noises can indicate loose components colliding inside your well. Loud motor noises can indicate a problem with the well pump. Hissing noises indicate a leak or air in the water lines.

The average well lasts up to 50 years. At this point, it's normal for the well to start showing wear and tear. Talk to your plumber to determine if you should schedule the repair or a complete replacement.