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Maintenance Tips For Your Water Heater Systems

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Your water heater system needs as much care as the other appliances. So, don't neglect it and expect it to perform optimally throughout its lifetime. Moreover, maintenance keeps problems at bay. Luckily, this write-up will provide helpful tips for maintaining your water heater system.

Lower the Temperature

Lowering the temperature setting of your water heater comes with two benefits. For starters, you'll keep your energy consumption down because the water heater will quickly achieve the set temperatures. Secondly, a low-temperature setting helps lengthen the lifespan of your water heater because it will never run for long hours. At least you won't have to fuss about its wear and tear rate.

Flush the Water Heater

Assuming you have a tank water heater, you should consider flushing it to extend its lifespan. Flushing the hot water tank is the best preventative maintenance you can do. Some people prefer to flush their water heater systems by themselves, while others will hire a professional to do it. You should ensure that your tank is flushed at least once every year. Flushing the system helps remove all the particles and sediments in the tank. At least your tank won't malfunction due to sediment buildup. 

Replace the Anode Rod

Changing the anode rod after every few years can extend the lifespan of your water heater system. You see, the anode rod is one of the components that wear out quickly. That said, you'll need to replace the anode rod as recommended by the experts. 

You can tell that the anode rod has gone bad if the water coming from your fixtures is discolored or smelly. By replacing the anode rod, you'll be protecting the hot water tank. At least your system will last for more years as long as you change the anode rod on time.

Insulate the Tank

Insulating your hot water tank can help improve the efficiency of your system. Besides, it will reduce the amount of heat lost, meaning the hot water in the tank won't become cold faster. So, if you can maintain the temperature of the hot water, the system won't need to run for long hours. This way, you'll be increasing its lifespan indirectly.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

The pros are best suited to tune up your water heater system. As such, you should involve them in your plan. Get in touch with the experts and schedule an annual water heater system inspection. These professionals will inspect and tune up your system as they deem fit. 

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