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Repairing Your Damaged Drainfield

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Issues with your septic system's drainfield can be a major problem for you to encounter as they can create a host of issues for your home. While drainfield problems can be a significant issue, they will generally be fairly rare. This can lead to a homeowner lacking the previous experience needed to restore their drainfield to a functional state.

A Clogged Drainfield Can Impact Your Entire Plumbing System

Issues with the drainfield of your home can have dire consequences on your entire plumbing system. This occurs due to the drainfield being responsible for emptying the wastewater that has already been processed by the septic system. Due to this reality, any issues with the drainfield can lead to the entire home's plumbing system becoming backed up. In extreme cases, the plumbing may be unable to drain at all, which can cause some of the sinks or other plumbing fixtures to actually overflow. Once the problem reaches this point, you may be completely unable to use your plumbing until a restoration contractor has been able to repair the damage to the drainfield.

Repairing Damaged Drainfields Could Involve Major Excavation

Unfortunately, repairing a damaged drainfield can be a serious challenge due to the amount of excavation that may be required. This is especially true when the damage to the drainfield is particularly widespread or the contractors are unable to locate the exact source of the problem. When this is the case, the entire drainfield may have to be excavated in order to enable the appropriate repairs to be completed. To try and avoid this, a drainfield restoration contractor may complete a thorough video inspection of the drainfield lines so that they can isolate the area where the damage or problem has developed. This can allow them to be more targeted when it comes to excavating the soil.

There Are Ways To Effectively Lower The Risk Of Drainfield Problems Arising

Drainfield issues can be extremely costly to repair and very disruptive to life in your home. However, a person may not appreciate their power to minimize the risk of these issues developing. Having the septic tank pumped at regular intervals is the best option for preventing debris from entering the drainfield lines and creating clogs. Keeping large bushes and trees away from the drainfield can reduce the risk of root intrusions creating significant problems by constricting the lines or even growing deep into them. These simple steps can prevent the majority of drainfield problems from being able to impact your system.

Reach out to a septic tank contractor to learn more about drainfield restoration.