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How To Incorporate Stylish Plumbing Upgrades Into Your Kitchen Remodel

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When your kitchen shows signs of wear and tear or you want to impress potential buyers in an upcoming sale, a kitchen remodel may not cost as much as you think. A typical kitchen remodel generates up to 83% of a return on the initial investment. Of course, to see that return, you'll need to make the right style and function choices for the space. Every detail matters, including your plumbing choices. Here is how to incorporate stylish plumbing upgrades into your kitchen remodel.

1. Fixture Design and Finish

In broad terms, you will redo your kitchen in a traditional style or a modern style. Traditional style favors ornate designs, gold coloring, and strength, while modern style favors black and silver coloring, sleek silhouettes, and minimalist design.

Your faucet should not only match the design aesthetic, but it should also fit the sink properly. A large double basin sink or farmhouse sink will benefit from a high arc faucet that provides coverage to every corner of the sink but takes up space due to its height. Small single basin sinks benefit more from a save-spacing low arc faucet that won't splash outside of the sink. 

2. Upgrade to a Kitchen Island

55% of kitchen remodels include a new island, indicating its popularity. A kitchen island requires specialized plumbing since it exists in the middle of the room, away from the rest of the plumbing. 39% of islands are six to seven feet in length, and 98% include additional storage space. 

3. Matching Appliances 

Whether you choose matte black fixtures with stainless steel hardware or brass fixtures with brass hardware, you should upgrade the kitchen appliances to match. Stainless steel appliances are especially popular right now. 

4. High Efficiency

One way to make money back on your upgrade involves lowering your water bill with high-efficiency faucets and appliances. Look for the EnergyStar sticker to buy products that will contribute to a green lifestyle (and a lower water bill). 

5. Modern Features

Faucets and dishwashers do more than ever these days. Take advantage of the advanced features available on certain models. For example, many faucets offer LED water temperature indication and even smart connectivity. 

Many people consider the kitchen the hub of the home. Since the kitchen comes with a lot of plumbing, embrace the remodel by choosing plumbing products that contribute to the design. Talk to a kitchen remodeling company for more ideas.