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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade To A Tankless Water Heater System

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Tankless water heater systems do not use a water tank to store hot water. Instead, the design of a tankless water heater system allows it to instantly provide hot water as soon as you turn it on. Thus, unlike traditional water heaters, you don't have to wait for the storage tank to fill up with hot water. 

However, few homeowners have considered upgrading to tankless water heater systems. But, upgrading to a tankless water heater system can provide several benefits to your home. 

Here are three reasons you should consider upgrading to a tankless water heater. 

1. Better Energy Efficiency 

A common misconception about tankless water heaters is that they consume more energy than conventional water heaters with storage tanks. But, this is not true. According to the US Department of Energy, tankless water heater systems use 33% less energy than conventional water heater systems. 

Therefore, upgrading to a tankless water heater system can help you save money by reducing your energy bills. 

2. Fewer Maintenance Costs 

Servicing a water heater system is essential in ensuring its longevity and functionality. Conventional water heater systems have higher maintenance costs than tankless systems. The higher maintenance costs are due to the maintenance of the water storage tank. 

Water heater storage tanks often encounter corrosion and mineral deposit accumulations. These factors affect your water heater maintenance cost because they occur quite frequently. As a result, you incur higher maintenance costs if your water heater system uses a water storage tank. 

Tankless water heater systems don't have a water storage tank. Thus, there are no corrosion or mineral deposit issues to raise the maintenance costs. A tankless water heater system enables you to enjoy lower maintenance costs. 

3. Save Space

Water storage tanks of conventional water heaters occupy a significant amount of space. In most cases, a traditional water heater system occupies an area equal to a closet. Hence, if you have a small house, the water storage tank takes up a significant portion of the already limited space. 

As a result, it would be beneficial to upgrade to a tankless water heater system to save space. Unlike conventional water heater systems, tankless water heaters occupy a much smaller area. A tankless water heater system occupies an area equal to a shoe box in many cases. It occupies little space irrespective of how small your home or apartment is. Therefore, upgrading to a tankless water heater can help you save space. 

For more information on the benefits of a tankless water heater, contact a professional near you.