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Sewer Repair: Why There Are Nasty Sewer Smells In Your Home

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Whether you notice sewer smells in your home when you're using the toilet or washing dishes, they can be hard to ignore and quite unpleasant. You need a sewer repair service to look at the problem as quickly as possible to keep your home habitable. Here are some reasons why there may be nasty sewer smells in your home and how a residential sewer service can take care of the problem:

1. Sewer Leaks From Broken Sewer Lateral Pipe

Sewer lateral pipe connects a building's waste pipes to the city's main sewer line. Over time, they can corrode and leak sewage into yards or basements. Sewer lateral pipe that is poorly maintained over time will usually spring a leak somewhere along its length, allowing sewage to escape into areas of your property, including backyards, and possibly even seeping up through basement floor drains. A sewer repair service will inspect it using a camera-tipped snake to locate and fix the leak. 

2. Improperly Installed Drain Traps or Vent Pipes

Drain traps and vent pipes perform an important function. The trap is so-called because it traps gasses further down the pipe and prevents them from flowing up and out. When these fixtures are improperly installed, sewer gasses cannot escape and back up into the house.

3. Slipped Toilet Wax Ring 

Often, wet or smelly floors come from a damaged toilet wax ring. It's not uncommon for homeowners to need residential sewer repair simply because their wax ring has slipped. Water will drip onto the flooring and create a less-than-pleasant odor. 

If you suspect that your toilet's wax ring has slipped or is simply worn out, schedule an appointment with a residential repair service to look at it immediately.

4. Dry, Old, or Leaky Traps

Three things can cause bad sewer odors—sewer backups, broken or cracked drain pipes, and clogged traps. Drain traps are standard plumbing fixtures to keep nasty gases from seeping back and escaping through the drains. 

5. Blocked  Vents Pipes 

Sometimes, you don't realize that debris has clogged our vents. Without ventilation, stale air goes back up the pipes and into the house. If you ever notice a nasty smell coming from near your septic tank, it could be an indication you may need to examine if the vents are clear or blocked. In most cases, the vent is blocked, or small animals have fallen and gotten trapped in the pipe.

A faulty sewer system can make a home uninhabitable with nasty odors, so you should track their source and fix it ASAP. Call residential sewer repair services when the sewer system makes your home uncomfortable.