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3 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Serviced

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Your septic system needs to be maintained and it is going to need your attention to prevent issues that can be expensive to repair. Some of the things you need to do to maintain your system are to pay attention to what goes down your drains and into your tank, as well as to keep a close eye on the drainage field and the level of waste in your tank. If your tank needs to be serviced, there are signs to watch out for. Read on for a few signs to keep an eye out for with your septic tank.

1. A Soggy Leach Field 

If your leach field is soggy, or you notice your yard is flooded in the area of your leach field, it could be because your septic tank has either begun to overflow, or your tank has a leak. If you have a soggy field, your tank may need to be emptied, or should at least be inspected in order to see if there are any issues with it. If you have an old tank, it could need to be replaced with a new one if it is not in good shape any longer.

2. Foul Odors In Your Home

If you have a lot of foul odors in your home, you may have a septic issue that needs to be addressed. The tank itself may be backflowing into your home, and these odors are the first indication that a problem is on the horizon. If you have foul odors in your home, you should have your septic tank inspected to see if there is an issue with it. If you notice foul odors, don't ignore them, have the odors looked into.

3. Gurgling Noises Or Sewage Backing Up

Gurgling noises coming from your drains may be an indication that your drains may be clogged, and this can occur with your septic system as well. If you're hearing noises, you should try to clear your drains. If they are too clogged, they can begin to back up into your home.

If you have a septic tank, you need to pay attention to it and how it's working in order to prevent a disaster in or around your home. If you suspect an issue with your tank, you should call a professional septic service company to have it serviced and repaired as needed. Don't ignore signs of issues in your septic system, hire a professional to have your tank repaired.