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5 Reasons You Need New Water Heater Installation

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Most people love to have a hot shower in the morning. But how many of us really think about what's going on with the water heater while we're enjoying it so much? In order to have your daily shower, you need a water heater that is functional and efficient. If your unit breaks down, there are some telltale signs that let you know when it is time for new water heater installation:

1. The Water is Not Heating Up

In order to have a hot shower, you need the right temperature of the water coming from your unit. If this temperature is below your expectations, it means that there might be a problem with your heater and it's time for a new installation.

2. Inefficient Use of Energy

When you do research on how much money you spend every month on electricity costs in relation to your water heater, you might be surprised by the results. You can minimize these costs by purchasing a tankless model which saves a lot of energy in comparison to your old unit.

3. High Levels of Sediment

If your water system is known for its high level of sediment, it might be time for new installation because the lower heating element needs to work harder in order to heat up the water. If this element is too dirty or burnt out you should consider having a new unit installed.

4. Leaking Lines or Tank

Water heater tanks are not meant to leak but sometimes there are problems that occur with them which allow leakage and can be serious if it's ignored for a long time. The typical signs that you have leaking lines are damp areas near your heater, rusty brown stains on your floor and water stains around plumbing connection areas underneath the sink or toilet area. All of these indicate that it may be time for replacement

5. Frequent Breakdowns

If you notice that your water heater breaks down more often when compared with its previous years of life, it might be time for a new installation. You don't want the unit to break down in the middle of winter when you really need it.

This article informs you about five reasons why you need to have a new water heater installation when your old one malfunctions or stops working properly. These signs might not appear from one day to another, so pay attention to your system for a while and then take action. Contact a company like Guerra Bros Plumbing Inc to get a new water heater installed in your home.