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Seven Good Plumbing System Investments To Make Before Cold Weather Arrives

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As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the fact that cold winter temperatures can be hard on your plumbing system. Now is the time to invest in plumbing system updates that will protect your plumbing fixtures and home from cold weather damage.

The following are seven good plumbing system investments to make before cold weather arrives. 

Insulate Your Pipes

You need to prevent your pipes from freezing up when temperatures drop extremely low during the coldest parts of the winter. One thing that prevents frozen pipes is insulating your pipes.

Insulating your pipes is a fairly simple and inexpensive plumbing upgrade that can make pipes resistant to freezing and bursting. 

Have Your Water Heater Inspected

Cold temperatures are especially hard on your water heater. As temperature go down outside, your household becomes likely to use up increasingly more hot water. Your water heater also has to work harder to keep water hot with colder temperatures in and around your home.

Having your water heater inspected, and investing in any needed repairs, could help you to avoid water heater malfunctions and the resulting inconveniences in the winter months. 

Install Outdoor Drainage Features

Outdoor drains made from plastic materials can easily become damaged due to cold temperatures. Metal outdoor drains stand up better to freezing temperatures. You might want to upgrade to galvanized steel drains to avoid damage to your drainage system in the winter. 

Replace Eroded Soil Around Septic Lines

Over time, soil around your septic lines can erode away. This can reduce the amount of insulation around your septic lines and increase the chances that your septic lines will freeze. You might want to replace any eroded soil around your septic lines to minimize the chances that they will freeze up this winter. 

Invest in Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Reducing the water consumption of your home can prevent septic system malfunctions during the winter.

You can invest in energy efficient toilets and shower heads to put less waste water into your system during the winter. This can protect your foundation from water damage and prevent the freezing of intake lines. 

Have Pressure Relief Valves Installed in Your Plumbing Lines

Another thing that helps prevent frozen and burst water lines is installing pressure relief valves. You can have pressure relief valves installed in your system if you're concerned about frozen water lines this winter. 

Buy a Water Heater Blanket


If your water heater seems to be struggling to provide enough hot water for your household, you might want to invest in a water heater blanket. A water heater blanket insulates a water heater to maximize the efficiency of your unit in cold weather conditions. 

For more information about what to do about your plumbing during the winter, contact a plumber like Knights Plumbing & Drain.