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3 Signs Your Clogged Drain Could Require The Services Of A Professional Plumber

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Clogged or slow running drains are an extremely common plumbing problem that most people at least attempt to deal with on their own. This is not necessarily a bad thing since many drain clogs can easily be cleared using a plunger or drain clog removal product. However, there are some times in which it is a good idea to abandon this DIY approach and call in the services of a plumber. Knowing when these professional services are required can help you avoid any additional damage to your plumbing system, as well as the pipe repairs that inevitably come along with this preventable damage. Continue reading to learn more about three of the situations that will warrant a call to your local plumber in order to resolve your drainage issues.

1. Your Drainage Issues Are Widespread

A simple drain clog will only impact a single drain in your home. If you are experiencing widespread issues with slow or clogged drains throughout your home, the type of systemic issue will require the services of a professional plumber. 

2. Your Drainage Issues Are Reoccurring

Do you find that you are experiencing issues with the same drain over and over again despite the fact that you seem to be able to clear the clog each time the problem arises? If so, there is a good chance that you are in need of a professional plumber. This is because reoccurring drain issues will often point to a problem that is not fully resolved through do-it-yourself methods. For instance, if you have tree roots growing in your main drainage pipe, plunging your drain may build up enough pressure to clear a clog, but it will not clear away the roots. Consequently, you will end up with frequent clogs as solid waste collects in the narrowed opening of your pipes. You will continue to experience these problems until either the pipe becomes completed blocked, or you have the roots removed by a plumber. 

3. Your Drainage Issues Are Accompanied By A Foul Odor

If your drain is not only running slowly but is also producing a foul odor in your home, this is a good indication that you may require the services of a professional plumber. This is because the foul odor that sometimes comes from clogged drains is usually an indication of a larger problem somewhere down the line that is causing solid waste to buildup inside your pipes. The odor you are smelling is the result of the gases that are produced by this solid waste. If the underlying cause is not addressed, you could find yourself dealing with sewage that begins backing up into your home. Not only can this issue be unpleasant from an odor standpoint, but it can also result in some rather serious property damage. Consequentially, it is always best to have your plumbing system inspected by a professional if your clogged drain is giving off a foul odor.