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When Do You Need A Well Repair? Here Are A Few Telltale Signs

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Your water well allows you to navigate day-to-day activities without experiencing any significant glitches. Typically, the well should be long-lasting and durable in order to supply you with water for the long term. This way, you will be sure you won't have issues handling your washing and bathing. Unfortunately, your well isn't everlasting, and over time, it can become damaged and require repair. This can be an inconvenience to many homeowners, and it's imperative to find a well repair expert as soon as you notice any unusual signs of wear. When should you contact an expert? Read this quick guide to understand a few telltale signs. 

Water Contaminants

The water you drink should be crystal clear. If contaminants like rust, soil, and dirt impact it, you're likely to notice this right away. Fortunately, modern submersible well pumps have reduced the chances of water contamination from soil and other elements. This is because they get installed beneath a non-porous bedrock, shielding them from possible contaminants. However, it's essential to ensure the system gets checked regularly to avoid possible issues with your water.

Remember, well pumps are susceptible to mechanical problems, just like any other machine. That said, it's critical to ensure preventative maintenance. This way, you can spot issues that are likely to advance and repair them before they escalate. Failure to take early action will translate to costly repairs and possibly the need to replace your well pump. 

Unusual Noises from Your Well Pump

Does your well pump produce strange noises when operating? If so, this is clear there could be a problem with the equipment. Typically, your well shouldn't produce shredding, rattling, or grinding sounds if it's functioning as expected. 

These noises are likely to occur if a foreign object finds its way to the pump. For example, if a pebble gets stuck in a critical part of the equipment, it can cause unusual and uncomfortable noises. Another problem leading to strange sounds with the well pump is cavitation. This happens when cavities form on the impeller due to pounding by small water bubbles. A pump that rattles and vibrates abnormally may indicate incorrect installation. 

Water Pressure Issues

A reduced pressure or no water at all is a common issue many people experience with their well pumps. This problem could mean your well pump has issues that need to be fixed. In the worst-case scenario, it could also imply your well is dry, and you may need a drilling company to drill deeper in order to access more water. 

Having a functioning well is a dream for every well-owner, but this isn't always the case. If malfunctions occur, ensure you contact a well pump repair service to examine it and offer the necessary recommendations.