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Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues

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The bathroom is an essential place in your home since it offers a haven after a tiresome day. You can take a shower or a warm bath to unwind. When you start experiencing plumbing issues, you might feel the need to fix them yourself. However, the problem might persist or get worse. At this point, you require professional plumbing services to remedy the situation. Here are common bathroom plumbing issues that need professional help.

Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Dripping faucets waste gallons of water, leading to high bills. In addition, leaky faucets are annoying when you yearn for a serene space. If your pipes are leaking, your home could suffer structural damage. Pipes can burst and lead to water damage within a short period.

The root cause of dripping faucets is often a damaged washer with a loose seal. On the other hand, leaky pipes stem from worn-out systems or clogs. Extreme temperatures can form cracks within pipes, contributing to leakage. Thankfully, a plumber can fix faulty faucets and leaky pipes. You can save money on your water bills after repairing leaking faucets.

Blocked Drains

Clogs within your drains are typically caused waste buildup in your residence. Here are items that create obstructions in toilets and sinks:

  • Hair
  • Shampoo lid
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Paper towels
  • Wet wipes
  • Diapers

If you put the above items in your toilet or sink, your drains can become clogged. Water won't flow past the blockage, and a backup can occur at any moment. Constant clogs indicate that you need a plumber to clean your drains.

Low Water Pressure

When water trickles from your tap, the problem could be sediment accumulation. In other cases, a leaky pipe causes low water pressure. A plumber can clean the sediment deposits to allow water to gush from your tap or showerhead. As for leaking pipes, an expert should find the precise spot and repair it.

If the damage is extensive, the system might need repiping. This way, water will flow to your taps without a challenge.

Running Toilet

A toilet that runs nonstop leads to high water bills. What's more, it's a nuisance. A broken flapper valve and loose fill valve are primary reasons why you have a running toilet. A leaky flush valve could also contribute to the problem. A plumber can repair the damaged components or replace them.

In addition, you can count on an expert to clean out sediment buildup in your toilet. 

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