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Six Mistakes That Could Cause A Portable Toilet To Become Off Balance

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One of the most significant and unpleasant problems that needs to be avoided regarding portable toilet use is instability. An unstable portable toilet could potentially tip over, and this creates a big mess that must be cleaned up.

Fortunately, it's easy to prevent your portable toilet from becoming off-balance to ensure that it won't tip over. The following are six mistakes to avoid that could cause a portable toilet to become off balance.  

Placing a portable toilet on terrain that's uneven

It's important to carefully plan out the location of your portable toilet. You need to make sure that you have a portable toilet placed on a part of your property with even terrain or you could face stability issues. 

Ignoring the condition of the soil beneath a portable toilet

Even if the terrain looks even, your portable toilet could become unstable if the soil covering the terrain is loose. This is especially true during periods of inclement weather such as intense rainfall that can easily wash away portions of loose soil. 

Check that the terrain is even and the ground is consistently firm before selecting a location on your property for the placement of a portable toilet. 

Allowing a portable toilet to be exposed to the elements

Portable toilets sometimes become off balance and tip over because of exposure to the elements including heavy winds and precipitation. This makes it a good idea to avoid locating a portable toilet in an area where it is completely exposed to the elements. Try to find an area where neighboring buildings or landscape features such as trees and bushes provide some protection against wind. 

Failing to locate portable toilets alongside supporting structures

The best way to make a portable toilet as stable as possible is to place it alongside a structure that can provide support. If there are no buildings around to provide support, you can locate several portable toilets right next to one another so that they support each other to prevent stability issues. 

Neglecting to use stakes to keep a portable toilet in place

If you cannot place a portable toilet against a supporting structure, it's best to stake the portable toilet down. Portable toilets can be staked into place using staples that fit into skids on either side of the portable toilet. 

Letting vandals have access to your portable toilets

Unfortunately, portable toilets are sometimes knocked over by vandals. Protecting your portable toilet from vandals is especially important if your property is located in an area where crime and vandalism are commonplace. 

Staking down your portable toilet and locating your portable toilet in an area where security cameras can monitor it can help to prevent damage from vandals.