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Should You Go Tankless?

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If you have a water heater in your home that needs to be replaced or if you find it isn't meeting your needs in one or more ways, a tankless one may be a good replacement. A good way for you to decide if you should go the tankless route is to ask yourself these questions: 

Is your hot water turning cold on you?

If you find that the hot water in your house just isn't lasting as long as you need for it to, then this is likely being caused by one of these three things: 

  • You have more people in your home now
  • Your household is suddenly using more hot water 
  • There is a broken dip tube in the hot water heater

If the reason the water goes cold on you may be due to one of the first two reasons mentioned, then you can have a tankless water heater put in to replace the one you have in now. This will fix the issue because water keeps being heated as long as it's needed. 

Are you looking for ways to bring down your monthly utility costs?

If you are looking for different things that you can do around the house in order to bring down the costs of your utilities, then replacing your standard water heater with a tankless one is one of the changes you can make that helps. 

You will better understand this when you learn how a water heater works. When you have one with a tank, the entire tank of water will be heated, so the hot water is always readily available. The problem is that the water heater will keep heating that water over and over, even when no one is going to use it. That is a lot of water being needlessly heated and that can translate into a lot of energy being wasted. 

Does your water heater tank take up too much room?

In most cases, water heater tanks are well-hid, so they aren't a problem when it comes to keeping your home looking great. However, some homes have a layout that makes it so the tank is visible and this is no good. A tankless water heating system is much smaller. Also, know that even if the tank is in a closet, you can go tankless and that space will then be freed up for you to use in other ways.